6 Vegan Skincare Brands That Offer Amazing Products!

Do you have a vegan lifestyle and are looking for effective vegan skincare products so that you can take care of your skin while remaining true to your philosophy of life? We bring you 6 brands that are plant-based to take care of your skin in a more natural (and more ethical) way. 

Brands have listened to consumers and the market of vegan-friendly cosmetics is increasingly extensive and varied. More and more consumers are concerned about the origin and conditions in which the food they eat, the clothes they wear, have been produced. And this awareness, among other areas, have also reached the beauty sector. One of the biggest claims in this regard is vegan skincare, that is, it does not contain ingredients of animal origin.

Vegan Skincare: 6 Brands That Will Make Your Skin Yummy! 

1. Evolve Beauty

Evolve is well worth checking out if you’re into natural beauty products. Not only are they  all-natural and free from synthetic chemicals, but their formulas are super-effective packed at a mid-range price point making it an accessible brand for vegans.

2. My Clarins

Surely you know Clarins, but maybe “My Clarins” sounds less familiar to you. They have a vegan range created with 88% ingredients of natural origin, based on fruits (acerola seeds, strawberry trees, goji berries, figs), floral waters (fresh roses) and vegetable extracts.

“My Clarins” is made up of 9 products that respect the day / night rhythm of all skins to hydrate, rebalance and beautify them day after day thanks to a plant complex that they have called Healthy Skin (In & Out) Complex. On the one hand, coconut water favors the intake of nutrients (In), while Alpine rose extract helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of pollution (Out).

In addition, all packaging uses recycled and recyclable materials to minimize the negative impact on the environment. 

3. The Glowcery

The Glowcery has done a pretty great job since launching last year 2020 and has already built a huge market for its fun and effective formulas. Here’s how they put the fun in veggies – a Coconut Crumble Superfood Natural Lip Scrub, for example, is so delicious, that you have to try not to eat it.

4. Lush

Oftentimes when we think of vegan skincare brands we automatically think of LUSH. Despite not being totally vegan (it is a vegetarian company), it is true that 80% of its products are suitable for vegans. In addition, they purchase ingredients only from companies that do not test on animals and only test their products on humans. It is also one of the brands that has given the most impact to this philosophy, clearly indicating in its characteristic black cans which ones are vegan so that you can make a conscious decision.

At LUSH you will find not only cosmetics for face care but also for the body, hair, fragrances, bath products and much more. They invent their own soaps and perfumes, all handmade using little or no preservatives, and largely from fresh organic fruits and vegetables, and the best essential oils. 

5. NÁU

Náu (which when expanded means nature’s actives unlocked) utilizes their cold-pressing process to extract the goodness from the oils they use in their Farm-to-Face products. The price range is on the expensive side but the formulations are worth investing in.


If you have ever sprinkled a few crystals of the Narloa Pink Detox Bath Soak in your bath, you’ll instantly become obsessed with a bath soak every day! If you’re not into baths, the range has other body and skincare – the rose water toner is also a fave; it’s super calming and has a lovely mist which is made in small batches in London.


Vegan products are those that do not contain ingredients of animal origin, such as honey, propolis, lanolin, or collagen. It would be very easy if you could read the ingredient list on the product to determine if it contains ingredients of animal origin. Unfortunately, it is often not indicated in the ingredient list if a product contains ingredients of animal, plant, or synthetic origin.

While many different ingredients are needed to create a wide range of vegan face creams, body lotions, shampoos, and more, there can be some unavoidable animal-based ingredients as well. 


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