Vegan Ice Cream: What Is It And Why Should It Be Available in All Ice Cream Parlours?

With the arrival of good weather, many of us enjoy having good ice cream. Some of us have already done it or have not stopped consuming them throughout the year. Nobody has the slightest doubt that having an ice cream is a small pleasure, a whim that can even brighten our day a little. Ice cream is generally made using dairy and other animal products. If you are a vegan or a person who is lactose intolerant, ice cream is something that you might not be able to enjoy. However, with the invention of vegan ice cream, you can actually enjoy ice cream in the summers without any ethical or health concerns. Let’s find out how.

Vegan Ice Cream: All You Need to Know

What are the origins of ice cream?

The origin of the ice creams is somewhat uncertain. There are many links that relate it to China, where ice was mixed with milk. The navigator Marco Polo was the one who imported it to Europe. What does seem to be clear is that artisan ice cream made with raw materials and milk does have its origin in Italy. A lot of people these days prefer the consumption of artisan ice creams compared to industrial ones, since the process of making ice creams in an artisanal way reduces the amount of fat in them. In fact, the percentage of fat is only 6%. All the benefits of milk (calcium, especially) and fruits (vitamins and nutrients) are concentrated in an artisan ice cream. 

What is vegan ice cream?

Vegan ice cream is nothing but a kind of ice cream that is completely devoid of animal products.  It is a way of joining the increasingly present trend of opting for a healthy diet and 100% organic products.

Veganism is on the rise and, in addition to the ethical grounds, it has the added value that it is compatible with lactose intolerant. Just like the rest of artisan ice creams, vegan ice cream lacks the dreaded hydrogenated fats (better known as “trans”), providing a great incentive for committed and responsible consumers who care about what they eat. It is possible to make a vegan ice cream completely by hand, without ingredients of animal origin, and it is obtained from soy milk, rice milk and vegetable fibers.

And if in addition to being handmade, we want a vegan ice cream, today it is also possible. There are more and more brands that work with this type of products and it is that at present, The number of people following a plant based diet is on the rise these days. Athletes like Tom Brady have shown that switching to a plant based diet can actually help with health and aging. So as veganism is on the rise, so are the number of vegan alternatives for regular food items. 

In addition to sorbets, popsicles and slushies based on fruit, sugar and water, more and more ice creams have replaced milk protein, which gives texture and creaminess, with other natural plant ingredients to make them suitable for vegans, without losing its creamy character. This type of product does not contain preservatives or artificial flavors and is manufactured following an ethical process characterized by the choice of raw materials preferably from organic local crops, by a selection of gluten-free ingredients and by the use of renewable energy.

Is vegan ice cream good for the lactose intolerant?

Sellers of vegan ice creams can access a specific group of consumers and at the same time use it to attract other types of consumers, who are looking for exclusive flavours. A group of consumers that will gravitate towards vegan ice creams despite not being vegan, are the lactose intolerant. They might eat meat, but they can’t digest dairy. Hence, they can get their ice cream fix using vegan ice cream.

Is vegan ice cream good for the health conscious?

Keep in mind that like the rest of artisan ice creams, vegan ice creams lack the dreaded hydrogenated fats, which are also known as “trans fats”. So people who are committed to health and fitness, ones who watch what they eat, can also benefit greatly from vegan ice cream.

All niche markets are changing, this is because the buyer’s behavior becomes more aware of what they consume and buy.

This is how today, buyer communities have started movements, making important and international brands more socially and ecologically conscious.

In this sense, adding vegan ice cream to the flavors of any artisan ice cream parlor is a smart decision.

It is a completely healthy offer, a vegan ice cream is made by hand, without the need for ingredients of animal origin. In fact, milk is obtained from soy milk, vegetable fibers or rice milk.

That is why more and more ice cream parlours have started offering vegan ice cream to people, joining the trend of healthy eating, and the consumption of 100% organic products. Another reason for the popularity of vegan ice cream is due to its manufacture, which includes an ethical process in the choice of raw materials, which come from local organic crops.

What are some key ingredients for vegan ice creams?

In short, we can tell you that the important thing about vegan ice cream is to substitute the milk protein, which presumably gives the ice cream texture and creamy character, with natural plant ingredients.

This is how you can make an ice cream suitable for vegans, without losing its creamy character.

Similarly, you can use ingredients such as :

  • Soy, oat, rice, almond milk, among others. As a matter of fact, any kind of non dairy milk will work. It can be flavoured or without flavours.
  • Soy, oat or rice cream for cooking.
  • Soy milk or rice cream. Soy cream for cooking. Natural flavour spreadable tofu.
  • Whipped cream by whipping soy, coconut or rice.
  • Condensed soy milk, cooking cream with sugar, silky tofu.
  • Any powdered plant-based milk.
  • Dairy-free dark chocolate, or home-made plant-based milk chocolate.
  • Nutella, nocilla or dairy-free cocoa cream.
  • Dairy Free White Chocolate.


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