Vegan Fast Food: Is It Better Than Fast Food Containing Meat?

Vegan fast food options can be just as delicious as their meaty counterparts. Let’s discover more about it. 

As far as veganism and vegetarianism go, there has been a massive growth in recent years. With a lot of celebrities embracing and showing incredible results, vegan diets are gathering steam. Veganism isn’t just a diet though, it is also a way of life. Veganism is also about having an ethical and environmental approach towards the consumption of animal products (even wearing leather and fur is something which vegans don’t do). Diet wise, vegan diets tend to be very healthy in general, however, if you want to turn vegan and continue enjoying fast food, there are quite a few options for you as well. 

Vegan Fast Food Review: Burgers, Omelettes, and More!

The Vegan Burger

Two of the most popular vegan burgers in the market today are the “Impossible Burger” and the “Next Level Burger”.

The new vegan products that simulate a traditional meat burger have once again stoked the flame of controversy in terms of terminology and food legislation. In fact, for many users of social networks, using the popular name of “vegan burger” towards a product that does not have meat in its composition is a real nonsense. Burger lovers tend to scoff at the idea of a completely meat free burger. 

However, taste wise, the difference isn’t that much. As you can see in this video of Jeremy Clarkson trying out the “Impossible Burger”:

But let’s focus on the ‘Next Level Burger’ itself. In relation to the ingredients, we see that this hamburger has a healthier profile than other similar products that have been going on sale in recent years.

Its mushroom base, as well as soy, wheat and pea proteins, makes this product a healthy option when resorting to a meal that takes less time to cook, and also contains a quantity of proteins. pretty decent. Here’s Clarkson’s compatriot James May trying the meatless burger as well:

Vegan Potato Omelette

Perhaps the term ‘potato omelette’ is not the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about fast food. However, products that emulate some classic preparations in a vegan version have gained a lot of prominence in recent years within the supermarket shelves.

Specifically, vegan potato tortillas are one of the products that generate the most controversy within this food group, where legumes usually predominate as a protein source, with lentils being a reference in the case of vegetable burgers.

Furthermore, in the case of the potato omelette, we are not only talking about organoleptic issues in relation to the acceptability of the product by the consumer, but there is also an additional technological problem that deserves special attention: the absence of eggs.

All the benefits that eggs can bring to your health are lost. Eggs are some of the most nutritionally dense food sources available and replacing them with potatoes leads to a massive loss in the nutritional benefits. Eggs have many other benefits as well.

The egg is a food that has a multitude of technological properties that give it different applications in the kitchen, such as in the preparation of dough for desserts, pastries, or even in preparations as epic as the potato omelette.

Among many other qualities, the egg has binding properties, that is, it holds all the components of the omelette together. Therefore, by dispensing with the egg in a vegan omelette, the main problem is to ensure that the structure of the preparation remains stable and is not destroyed at the slightest contact.

To accomplish this, stabilizers such as xanthan gum are used, which also acts as a thickener and emulsifier when added as an additive in other prepared foods.

Vegan Cold Cuts and Spreads

Generally, we could classify this group of products as those that have a poorer nutritional quality within the catalog of vegan preparations offered by supermarkets.

Slices and batters that simulate meat derivatives such as meatballs and sausages, have a rather poor nutritional quality of ingredients. Its predominant raw materials are refined oils and flours, as well as starches and additives such as thickeners, which despite not being problematic for health by themselves, don’t really offer much in terms of nutritional benefits.

As for the spreads, this group of foods has been created based on refined oils and scarce amounts of roots and vegetables that only serve to give some color and flavor. However, there are some healthy options among them. Just look for those spreads that have vegetables as the first ingredient.

As a final recommendation, and if you like to consume these types of spreads, we advise you to resort to preparations such as hummus and guacamole. 

You can find different healthy options in the supermarket, but you can also make them at home through easy recipes like this:

Final Verdict On Is Vegan Fast Food Healthy: 

As we have already seen, just because a food item lacks raw materials of animal origin does not automatically make it a healthy product. There are ingredients of vegetable origin that can also be harmful to health when consumed for a long time. Take the example of sugar, it is extracted from sugar cane but is one of the biggest modern causes of lifestyle diseases.

However, if we leave the ultra-processed vegan food items aside, the truth is that, generally, a vegetarian or vegan diet could be considered healthier than a standard diet, mainly because of the wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are consumed in a vegan diet.

But of course, we would be comparing vegan food with the most common diet among the population, where ultra- processed foods currently predominate and quality raw materials are scarce. What this means is that even though the more common versions of modern omnivorous diets are unhealthy when compared to vegan diets, if they are planned well, they can just be as healthy. Remember, this comparison is only for people who are planning to switch to a vegan diet for health reasons. If your reasons are ethical, then it doesn’t really matter.

Ultimately, the question does not lie in comparing whether a vegan diet is better or worse than an omnivorous one, since both well-planned options can be perfectly compatible with health. We must break with those myths that label veganism as a lifestyle detrimental to health, something that science has completely disproved. And if you were worried about missing out on delicious fast food if you switched to a vegan diet, you don’t really need to worry any more because of the vegan fast food options that we have shared.


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